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Why not add one of our panoramic montage portraits to your £20 photoshoot

Only £150 for a giant 40x20 inch canvas and prices start at an amazing £35 for an 18x8 inch print and free mount.



Have you ever looked at those beautiful professional portraits, and thought, I`d love one of those,but I just can`t afford it. Now  you can. Just book one of our Portrait Special Days (book a minimum  of 14 days prior to photoshoot to qualify) and get the pictures you've always wanted, at a price you`ll love.

Offer includes:

   1: Pro photoshoot (at our home studio)  

   2: Retouching (if needed)

   3: Portrait composition ( if more than 1 image)    

   4: Password protected webpage for you to browse

       your photos at home and at your leisure,safe in the

       knowledge that no-one  can look a  your photos unless 

       you want them to.

   5: Free beautiful 10x8 print  (from your photooshoot)

   6: Free quality mount for your photo. Extra sizes available. 

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